Digital DST heat transfer

Digital DST heat transfer advantages:

  • very good tonal transitions

  • Can be used in places that are difficult to access

  • the ability to store transfers

  • fast order processing

Examples of realizations:

Digital DST heat transfer

This is a transfer print that combines digital printing with screen printing. This method enables very nice sound transitions with the CMYK palette. It is possible to simulate Pantone colors. Inability to print neon and metallic colors. With this method it is necessary to use apli or trapping in the color of the material with a thickness of about 0.4 mm. This print is done with water inks on the film. This technique is used in all types of clothing.

With DST heat transfer, you can place applications in any location, even difficult to reach. We recommend using special presses, but the prints can also be applied with a normal iron.

Created transfers can be saved long before they are transferred to clothing. Another advantage is that the order is processed very quickly. The digital transmission is sold and valued per picture, not on sheets. The sheet size is 488 mm x 330 mm and the printable area is 470 mm x 295 mm.

DST transfer is divided into:

  • DST standard transfer (universal), which is used on the following substrates:
    - Baumwolle;
    - polyester;
    - cotton-polyester blend;
    - nylon;
    - orthalion;

  • Flexible DST Transfer - it is a plastisol transfer with polyurethane glue, thanks to which the print is more flexible, but is not suitable for difficult substrates made of nylon, jute, etc. (difficulties can arise during application).

  • DST Transfer with blocker - a technique that is carried out with an additional blocker layer. The method is applied to substrates that tend to migrate dye, while maintaining all CMYK colors. Recommended for polyester substrate.

  • Flexible - soft DST transfer - is a type of transfer intended for use on stretch materials using a suitable adhesive. Thanks to this technique, prints keep their original shape (e.g. they do not tear, do not stretch). With this transfer, you can also wash at up to 60 ° C at higher temperatures than the standard.

  • DST Sport Transfer - is a combination of a flexible transfer with a blocker, which is mainly used in sportswear.

  • Transfer DST clear - is a standard transfer in which a transparent base for white surfaces is printed instead of white ink.

  • DST Industrial Transfer - is one of the most durable prints, withstands washing at high temperatures up to 90 ° C and drying in a tumble dryer. Intended for work or industrial clothing.

Graphic requirements:

- vector file or bitmap (at least 300 DPI);
- The sheet size is the B3 format with the dimensions 488 mm x 330 mm;
- the printable area is 470 mm x 295 mm - graphic freedom.

The following information is required for pricing:

- size and colors of the logo;
- circulation (the minimum profitable circulation is 50);
- color and type of surface.

Temperature Time Pressure Peel off
165°C / 329°F 15-20 seconds (depending on the thickness of the substrate) medium (2 bar) cold

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