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Digital economic transfer advantages:

  • fast order processing

  • often cheaper than direct screen printing

  • a cost factor for the preparation of the matrices for the execution of several orders

  • possibility to use on different textile substrates

Examples of realizations:

Digital economic transfer

A transfer print that combines digital printing with screen printing. With this method you can achieve very nice tonal transitions and an infinite number of CMYK colors. It is impossible to print neon and metallized colors. With this method it is necessary to use outline in the color of the material with a thickness of about 0.4 mm. Economic transfer has no printed migration blocker layer, which means that prints on some polyester or dyed dye substrates can change color. The printing is done with plastisol inks on paper.

This technique is used in almost all types of clothing. With the Economic Transfer you can place applications in any location, even difficult to reach. It is recommended to use special presses, but the prints can also be applied with a normal iron. The digital economic transfer is sold per sheet. The sheet size is 488 x 330 mm and the printable area 470 x 295 mm. The advantage of this print is the possibility to print several different multicolored logos on the same sheet, which not only saves the print itself, but also the preparation costs (so-called matrices).

The highest quality materials used in the production also guarantee the durability of the prints and the resistance to washing. The recommended washing temperature is 40 °C, according to the parameters on the label of the specified clothing. Please note that the correct application parameters also affect the durability of the printouts. For this reason, each package of heat transfers that we send is labeled with a label that defines in a simple and legible manner the type of application and maintenance. This method is recommended if large expenses of min. 50 sheets.

Economic digital transfer application:

The adhesive layer used enables printing on almost any type of substrate, e.g .:
- Baumwolle;
- polyester;
- cotton-polyester blend;
- nylon;
- orthalion;

Graphic requirements:

- vector file or bitmap (at least 300 DPI);
- vector mask of the project (outline 0.4 mm, blackness C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100)
- The sheet size is the B3 format with the dimensions 488 mm x 330 mm;
- the printable area is 470 mm x 295 mm - graphic freedom.

The following information is required for pricing:

- size and colors of the logo;
- circulation (the minimum profitable circulation is 50);
- color and type of surface.

Temperature Time Pressure Peel off
150°C / 302°F 10-12 seconds (depending on the thickness of the substrate) light / medium (2 bar) cold

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Digital economic transfer to dark substrates

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Digital economic transfer to white substrates