Reflective heat transfer

Advantages of reflective transfer:

  • ideal solution for large orders

  • wide range of applications

  • barely perceptible after application

  • almost imperceptible after application excellent visibility

Examples of realizations:

Reflective heat transfer

The reflective transfer is a technique with which you can achieve a perfect reflection. It is printed on a special reflective filmthat contains microprismatic glass balls, which gives us the effect of light reflection. The printed reflective print enables the reproduction of small details with a thickness of 0.5 mm and a line spacing of 0.4 mm, which is not possible with a transfer cut with a plotter.

The limited flexibility of the transfer is not less than with standard plastisol printing. The additional advantage is that the print is barely tactile after being applied to the material. This technology can be used to print on a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and blends thereof and has excellent coverage, thanks to which even the difficult surfaces such as polyester, nylon etc. do not require an additional anti-migration layer. For synthetic fabrics, however, it is worth testing the effectiveness of the application before ordering a large quantity.

The print reflects the light just like the reflective stripes on the vest. It therefore has a double function: reflective and informative. We can print any shape, logo, graphic or text. This is a printing technique that is used wherever proper visibility must be guaranteed. Ideal solution for preparing clothes for road workers, athletes, for marking devices for children and schoolchildren. It should be remembered that reflectors for pedestrians and cyclists are also an excellent advertising medium and can be used both by state institutions - such as the police or municipal offices - and by commercial institutions.

These types of transfers are used on large orders. The reflective transfer is sold at the price per image and not per sheet. The sheet size is 500 mm x 350 mm. The printable area is 480 mm x 320 mm.

Reflective transfer application:

Reflective heat transfer is suitable for substrates:

  • 100% cotton, 100% polyester and mixtures thereof,

  • sublimation-dyed fabrics and knitted fabrics,

  • fabrics and knitwear with a tendency to resublimation,

  • softshell,

  • cordura,

  • goretex and similar,

  • nylons,

  • polyamide fabrics and knitted fabrics.

Graphic requirements:

- the thinnest recommended element must not be less than 0.3 mm;
- the recommended graphic notch must not be less than 0.6 mm;
- vector file no bitmap;

The following information is required for pricing:

- size and colors of the logo;
- circulation (the minimum profitable circulation is 50);

Temperature Time Pressure Peel off
175°C / 347°F 15-20 seconds (depending on the thickness of the substrate) medium / strong (3 bar) cold